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Frequently Asked Questions,

1) Why enroll in our art classes (class, workshop, etc)?

Since opening our gallery space in 2016 we've always wanted to offer more resources to our community, especially young minds interested in art. With our new studio space we're now able to make it reality. Our hope is to give children a voice through art-making. Art allows a child to explore, from the point of the unknown to a point of completion, learning art techniques while working through mistakes and problem solving, resulting in higher self-confidence, awareness, and leadership skills.

In addition, we hope to provide an inspiring space for adults of all experience levels to create.

2) Will you have adult classes as well?

Yes! All workshops are listed here with more adult classes to come!

3) What's an average class at after school or camp look like?

A typical day at art camp starts with checking in and introduction to our main art activity, based on that week's theme. Campers are shown a new technique and/or art material. We then will have snack time (usually on our patio) followed by more project work. Some days children will take a walk to Central Park and the Japanese Tea Garden.


Our after school program is open to school aged children. Pick your own schedule! Based on your availability and personal needs, we offer customizable schedules. Program hours are from 2pm- 5 pm with flexible drop off time. We usually start  projects around 3:30 or 4 and go to 5 pm. Pick up time is 5:00 - 5:15 PM. 

  • Snacks are provided!

  • Before project time, we offer daily or weekly art challenge for children 

4) My 13 year old isn't really interested in taking classes with a 6 year old.

We customize each student’s lesson to support them, whether by age or experience. Older kids become leaders for the younger kids and the younger kids offer a playful approach with art materials that older kids “forget” but absolutely love to be reminded of. It really creates a fun dynamic and great atmosphere!

5) Are snacks and lunch provided for class?

We provide nut free snacks for after school programs. However, our camp days (ex: summer camp, spring camp, fall camp) we don’t provide any food items  because kids tend to have a range of different likes and dislikes, as well as allergies and other dietary restrictions, we ask that parents please send their child with non-refrigerated lunch, snacks and plenty of water. Please keep in mind that camp is NUT-FREE environment.

6) I've heard of Golden Moon Gallery but not Golden Moon Studios. Do you have reviews or credentials?

That makes sense because the studio space is brand new and just opened this year (2022). We are currently building our reputation as an art space that offers classes and camps. Our Lead Art Coordinator and Instructor has a BFA from Academy of Art University and her background includes writing curriculum and teaching at the Children's Creativity Museum as well as the Museum of Children's Art. Please feel free to contact us about touring the space and meeting the staff! Additionally, we ask that you share your experience with us on Yelp. Any feedback helps us grow!

7) I see that you mention classes will be outside if weather permits, how is this possible?

We have a beautiful and spacious patio that can easily accommodate over a dozen students. It is shaded and protected for privacy. With Covid concerns not really going anywhere paired with the great weather we have in San Mateo, we plan to have the majority of lessons on the patio. Don't forget sunscreen and sun protective gear such as a hat!

Something else?

We're happy to answer any other questions!

Thanks for submitting!
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