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Welcome to the studios, come paint with us! Our first painting event for families.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

painting event for families

Our first open studios was a wonderful success! We invited local families for a day of creating. Children enjoyed an array of MOON themed art projects where they explored different techniques and showed off their creative sides.

Golden Moon Gallery painting event for families

What would a plant on the moon look like, how would you water it? Can you try to draw a meteor or shooting star? Did you know the moon can be many colors?! These were some of the fun challenges artists tried to create using the different art supplies we provided.

Parents were encouraged to guide their children through free self expression.

Fun was had and messes were made!

Golden Moon Gallery kids painting

Golden Moon Gallery kid painting

We were so excited to finally share our space with the community.

Be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you don't miss our next event!

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