Painting Class for ages 5 to 8

Our Explore curriculum for ages 5 to 8 emphasizes color mixing and basic elements of art.

This program does not require students to have prior art-making experience. Each session includes at least one 11”x14” Acrylic painting lessons, art & crafts projects, watercolor, mixed media and more! 

Painting for ages 7 to 13

Our Enhance curriculum for ages 7 to 12 emphasizes elements of art and fundamental techniques for painting. This program does not require students to have prior art-making experience. Each session included two 11”x14” Acrylic painting lessons, art & crafts project, watercolor, drawing, mixed media. 

New Session package (10 classes for painting classes)

for $45 per class 
Additional discounts available for students wishing to join multiple days per week, contact us at to learn more.




What is After School Open Studios on Mondays?
Create your own art work during open studio hours. We’re happy to offer students a safe and creative environment with hands-on support from our teachers. Similar to what you would expect from a typical open studios- there are no expectations! All supplies are provided along with sample projects for inspiration. Also, 50% discounts for students in class session package. 

Drop In for Art Class? $49 per class / $45 per class with Session package 

(10 classes)

Not sure the best day to register your child? Join us for a drop in! Get a feel for our space, meet our staff and above all enjoy an afternoon of creating. When you register, you can select the day you want.

Can I join in middle of session? / Can I purchase session in middle of semester? 

Yes, if you child loved class after joining for a  drop in or if you want to buy a session package after the semester has started, just email us with your desired start date!! We will share special link for you ;) 

What are the advantages of buying class Session packages?

- Discounted price for class ($45 per class Instead of $49)

- 50% discounts for After School Open Studios on Mondays

- Discounts for birthday space rental.

- Advanced notice and discounts for camps (summer, winter etc), workshops and more!

Make-up Classes?

We encourage students to attend all classes on time but we understand that students will be absent due to various circumstances. We recommend that students register for a make-up class within the same week for project consistency. Also, we offer a total of 1 free makeup classes per session (per student).


Children doing art

Program Highlights


While mastering a subject certainly builds a student’s confidence, there is something special about participating in the arts. Using materials that turn into visual stories is magical, and it helps students feel more confident. As they improve and see their own progress, their self-confidence continues to grow.

We offer free art supplies for the painting Class for 5-8 & 7-13! However, special classes (such as Intro Acrylic painting) you will be required to purchase own art supplies with in 4 weeks after strart day. We will provide a supply list that you can take to California Art Supply (or a place of your choosing). We highly encourage students to take care of their own art supplies, it's truly the first step in becoming an independent artist. We will teach your child how to care for their own art supplies and the importance behind it.


Art studios are a place where art is born and our space is a platform for just that. With beautiful natural light, tall windows and a spacious patio, students are immediately brought into a place of creation. Located directly behind Golden Moon Gallery in downtown San Mateo, close to Central Park and public transportation. We often take trips to the Japanese Tea Garden and Rose Garden or enjoy afternoons of painting on our patio.

Studio Perks

Still Deciding?

Join us for a Drop In or Camps to meet our staff, see our space and join in on the activities! We’re happy to answer any questions. Contact us at or 650-242-1988 for more information.