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Nick & Ellen Chaboya Golden Moon Gallery
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Unique Art, Art Classes & One of a kind antiques!

Golden Moon Gallery opened on October 29, 2016 and is located at 28 E 3rd Avenue #100 in San Mateo, California. The grand opening was expressed as a Gratitude Party because none of this would of been possible without the support from family, friends, loved ones and the community.  Local artist and owner Nick Chaboya’s intention is to provide a beautiful space for the artistic community to share, create, discover, and celebrate a diverse array of visual expressions. 

Golden Moon Gallery is a unique store with an eclectic variety of artwork on display. Everything here has been carefully curated from travels around this beautiful planet. Original paintings, prints, uncommon antiques, one of a kind jewelry, ceramics, custom furniture and so much more can be found here. There are no limits to the treasures at Golden Moon Gallery.

We also offer DIY classes, seminars in many different forms of media from artists all around the world, open studio art nights, and live painting. Please take a look at our our event schedule and leave your email to receive invitations and to stay connected!

Golden Moon Gallery isn’t limited to being a basic retail store. We are a gallery, boutique, gift shop, and artistic studio created by artists and meant for those who love art! We’re grateful to open Golden Moon Gallery for the community so we can all open and expand our minds together.

Items at Golden Moon Gallery
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"This is a place where an artist can come from anywhere, and anything can be art –
a chemist can make ceramics, a hunter can make jewelry."

Nick Chaboya grew up in the Bay Area and has been an artist pretty much since birth. High school was art school for him, then it was California College of Arts and Crafts, and after that he established himself internationally on the strength of his tattoo work and his painting. With that reputation and career built, he had a chance to return home and share the world and the people he discovered along the way. Golden Moon Gallery is the blossoming fruit of Chaboya’s life as an artist so far.

At the core, what we strive to be is a community. A community of people who appreciate the handmade, and people who believe in art,” Chaboya said. When you do find your way through the doors of Golden Moon Gallery, and you do meet Nick, you quickly realize that this is a place where imagination and personality can truly run free.

Ellen Chaboya cultivates the atmosphere of the gallery, welcoming visitors, tending for the collections, and nurturing relationships.  She loves helping customers find the right piece, for a gift or to enhance a space. If you are lucky, you will also see the youngest Chaboya in her natural habitat, surrounded by creativity and beauty.


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