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Draw the six point perspective with Dick Termes!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Join us on Sunday, February 26th at 3pm for an afternoon of drawing and pushing the limits of perspective with Dick Termes.

six point perspective with Dick Termes!

Termes is internationally known and recognized as one of the most original and innovative visual artists living today. Termes has developed a geometrically based system of six-point perspective to make the paintings appear realistic from all points.

Termespheres - as his works have come to be known - can be seen in galleries, private collections, and museums around the world. He has been featured in dozens of books and countless magazines. He has thousands of followers on various social media sites and his online media has captured hundreds of thousands of views across the world. We are so excited to have him teach a workshop in our space and hope you will join us in this truly once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from such an incredible artist!

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About this workshop :

Using grids and drawing materials provided, Termes will lead students through creating their own 360 degree panoramic scenes as well as flat five and six point drawings that show the total up, down, and all around scenes.

First, by building upon traditional one and two point perspective, you will be able to expand and capture more and more of the visual landscape surrounding you. Surprising as it may seem, when you finish this workshop you will have the insights to draw everything from top to bottom and all around.

Open to all creatives 16+

Experience not necessary

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