"Somebody told me that if you gather together all the art you own, you'll see a theme you can follow," artist Laura Zindel explains. "Our stuff is nature-inspired, but the dark side of nature." A ceramist by training, Laura has always loved to draw with a pencil. Her initial drawings on the surface of clay with a glaze pencil ultimately led her to the transfer process for creating commercial works; her drawings are now silk screened and printed as enamel transfers. This process also lent itself to repetition, allowing Laura to create exquisite surface patterns from her drawings on a wide variety of home wares.

With illustrations ranging from beautiful flowers and hummingbirds to detailed insects and skulls, we were instantly drawn into Laura's work and are so proud to showcase a large assortment of the items she offers. Not only do we have many pieces available in store for purchase we are also happy to place specials order.

Left to Right: Butterfly, Damsel fly, Bee, Lady Beetle

Jug with Handle

We're happy to announce our new show with local San Mateo artist, Pelham Houchin III, titled 'Existence Imbalanced'

Born and raised in Half Moon Bay, California, Pelham has always been inspired by the natural surroundings of his hometown. His surreal works of art challenge the viewer to imagine a reality in which man and nature intertwine. This solo exhibition showcases 23 paintings that bring us closer to understanding a landscape where nature is forced to adapt to the encroachment of humans. Using bright colors and dramatic themes we view a world where technology, man and nature all come together and create a new existence. "My painting influence comes from the surrealist movement and classical painting. Having mostly lived near the California coast and vacationed to coastal areas, I find comfort in the calm it brings. As I paint, I think about the transitory aspects of these environments. The constantly evolving landscapes, the abundance of textures, and light’s reflection inspire me. My pieces capture instances in nature as these aspects fade or transform." Pelham will be here to answer questions and to give some insight into the ideas behind his pieces. We encourage guests to RSVP for the opening party!

At Golden Moon Gallery, we continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our community. Masks are required for this indoor event.