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Meet the Artist Night with Dick Termes

Meet internationally recognized artist Dick Termes and hear him speak about his one of a kind spherical paintings

Termespheres come to Golden Moon Gallery in this extraordinary collection titled "Rotating Worlds" currently on display until May 1st.

Join us on Saturday, April 16th at 5pm for an evening with Dick Termes while he describes the process behind his one of kind spherical paintings and walks us through his process. Enjoy wine, art and discussion as we delve further into Termes' "Six-Point-Perspective" and the creative visions behind his incredible works of art.

Simply put, Termes paints on spheres, but his art is far from simple. His spherical works hang from the ceiling and are known as Termespheres®. As you would expect, it’s not easy to transition from a flat canvas to a round one but Termes makes it look easy. To complete this effect, he has developed a process known as “6 Point Perspective” to create revolving, three-dimensional worlds that spin right before your eyes.

Termes’s work has been recognized and exhibited internationally. His piece “The Big Bang” was featured on the cover of the French edition of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

In 1998,Termes was honored to receive an invitation to display his work at the University of Rome alongside the work of one of his major influences, M.C. Escher. Upon viewing Termes’ work, George Escher - M.C. Escher’s son - reflected on the similarities between Termes’ work and his father’s quest for visually fascinating dimensions.

Dick currently lives in Spearfish, South Dakota with his wife Markie. They run the Termesphere Gallery and Museum which is the oldest continuously running art gallery in the Black Hills.

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