Why Golden Moon Studios?

The Full Story

It's  been a dream of ours to offer more resources to our community, especially young minds interested in art. Our educational approach supports children & youth to imagine, create and collaborate. Our program offers lessons through play-based learning and self expression projects.  

Educational Philosophy

Our hope is to give children a voice through art-making. Art allows a child to explore, from the point of the unknown to a point of completion, learning art techniques while working through mistakes and problem solving, resulting in higher self-confidence, awareness, and leadership skills.

We hope to provide growth in children through honoring ideas, executing dream designs, guidance through questions to engage problem-solving, build creative thought processes through mistake-making, and celebrate collaboration.

Painting Equipments


We believe arts as a form of language to express feelings and emotions. We achieve this through hands-on experimental arts education for children & youth. Whether your child is curious about art or looking to feed an already blossoming interest, our inspiring space and exceptional staff are here to help grow young minds through our carefully curated program.


Our Staff - Lena Lee

Lead Art Coordinator and Instructor

Our Lead Art Coordinator and Instructor has a BFA from Academy of Art University and her background includes writing curriculum and taught at children museums in the Bay Area. She is a water media artist and  has shown in exhibitions all over the Bay Area.

" I believe art is a form of communication. As an artist, I want to say it's a third form of language. This is how we communicate to the world and it is through our artwork."


Our Staff - Christine Kita

Art Instructor

After receiving a BFA at Kutztown University our art instructor, Christine Kita designed art for publications.  Over twenty  years ago, when working at a summer camp, she fell in love with teaching. Chris has taught preschoolers, children, teens and adults at Sea Breeze Preschool,  Pacific Art Gallery, County of Alameda  Public Libraries, Fremont Art Association and Private Art Studio.


Using an array of materials, including pencil, water color, charcoal, and pastel Chris loves to cultivate student's interest in art. She focuses on important principles including color, shapes, light and shadows, compositions and background. Chris likes to educate students by showing and discussing examples with them. She truly has a love for art and a love for teaching and we're so happy to have her!


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